About me

Professor Mattock completed her doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences. She also holds an MLIS with a concentration in Archives, Preservation and Records Management and a BA in Film Studies. Her professional experience as a video-technician and training in filmmaking and photography have shaped her academic interest in the preservation of visual media and visual culture.

Mattock has taught in the areas of archival theory, digital preservation, preservation management, archival representation, and moving image archives. Her recent research connects these areas of interest, focusing on the archival practices of non-institutional archival spaces, such as media collectives and community archives. Her ongoing digital project Mapping the Independent Media Community builds from archival resources and traces the historical social networks emerging between independent film and video makers, distributors, media arts centers, and cultural heritage institutions to understand how the historical conditions of the independent and avant-garde have influenced contemporary archival praxis.

Email: mattockl22 [at] ecu [dot] edu